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SN Seixal “National Steel Industry” S.A.

SN Seixal “National Steel Industry” S.A.

IEG was involved in the revamping of the fume aspiration system of the Long Steel Production Plant SN Seixal Siderurgia Nacional S.A. This Production Plant, that belongs to Megasa Corporate Group, is specialized in the manufacturing of low, medium and high carbon wire rods.

The goal of the new Suction System is to improve the fumes extraction throughout the whole manufacturing process. This new technology is a breakthrough because, by filtering the fumes and injecting different material particles, the most restrictive European environmental regulations are met.

IEG Installation LTD was responsible for the installation of the:

  • Filter of the entire structure
  • The piping system
  • Support
  • Canopy system
  • Ashes handling system (that included silos, conveyor and reducing belts).


Mechanical installation


Seixal SN